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know. verb, "to have knowledge or clear and certain perception, as of fact or truth."

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Understanding is what we create when we make our dogs know that we love them very deeply and that we are their strong leader. With it, we create a relational bond that is the most beautiful, most effective foundation for all successful dog training.

Dog ebooks were created for all of us who love our dogs. They’re simple, easy-to-use guides that help us create strong relationships and train our dogs. Help someone you know. Help the dogs you love with affordable, immediate training.

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The Bond Between UsThe Bond Between Us - $2.97
...Begins with Understanding

This amazing little ebook explains why the bond between us and our dogs creates the foundation for all successful training.  You’ll discover why behavioral training and other traditional forms of training may not be working with your dog, and you’ll learn what one thing you can do to change everything.

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Healing the Broken HeartHealing the Broken Heart - $5.97
How to Rehab a Fearful Dog

Our dogs suffer from fear and anxiety for many of the same reasons we do.  Some have been made afraid by people who have abused them.  Others learned their fear from their canine mothers.  Many were neglected during their early periods of socialization.  Some have inherited a more sensitive neurological system and are  more prone to having fearful responses.

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Follow the Leader ebookFollow the Leader - $4.97
How to Use Walking as a Behavior Training Tool

Did you know that when you walk your dog you communicate exactly who the leader of the pack is? It's true. Walking is one of our most important behavioral training tools. Our dogs come to understand a lot about their position in the pack when we're out walking.

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Love LanguagesNEW! Dogs Have Love Languages (too) - $2.97 

Do you know that dogs have love languages? It's true. They do! In fact, they're very much like us in the sense that they have preferences about the way they give and receive affection. In this ebook, we'll identify five canine love languages, and we'll explain how you can use them to build the very best relationship with your dog.
Simple, easy to read, this ebook will inspire you and empower you to understand all dogs better--perhaps like you never have before.

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