Knowing Dogs


know. verb, "to have knowledge or clear and certain perception, as of fact or truth."


The Knowing Dogs website was developed as an educational resource for dog owners, dog trainers, dog rescue volunteers, breeders and anyone who is interested in learning more about dogs. The majority of the articles on this site are authored or co-authored by Melanie Schlaginhaufen.

Melanie has over three decades of experience as a dog trainer, and over two decades of experience as a canine behavioral consultant. She has been published in numerous national dog magazines, holds the CDT designation and has been an evaluator of trainers for the International Association of Canine Professionals. Melanie is a handler of numerous AKC champion dogs as well as an experienced animal rescue volunteer who continues to rescue and foster dogs of all breeds and mixes.

Her past awards and recognitions include President of the International Siberian Husky Club, president of the Guilford County Humane Society and board member of various kennel clubs and non-profit organizations. Melanie is also an experienced seminar speaker and has been interviewed by the media in reference to fatal dog attacks, aggression and behavioral issues.